my smaller home

Hello world!

I am obsessed with small homes.

Especially the Tumbleweed homes – ever since I saw them in Treehugger a long time ago.

I love the idea of it – but the reality of running 3 to 5 people through a house of less than 800 square feet sounds like hell.

Zoeyjane and I have a weird fascination with creating storage. It’s good to know I’m not alone in my quirks.

Now I have a new project.

1347 square feet of all mine. Just counting down till January 3rd to close and get in there.

I’m so excited, and I want ya’ll to help me do this. You don’t have to come paint with me, but I do want your opinions. Help me make decorating decisions – and if you can help me find ways to save money doing it, I will give you bonus brownie points.

Perhaps even brownies made in my NEW KITCHEN!

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