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Starting from Scratch – Laundry

In a modification of what my Carrie told me to do to boot out of Survival Mode, I started with a project I could see.

Mount Laundry.
Clean Pile

(photo by Lotus Carroll, click photo for original)

One load at a time – in the washer, in the dryer, put away.


(I have to do it this way, because if I get everything clean before I get anything put away, then I get tired and it all lands on the floor, becoming dirty and messy and then I’m back where I started.)

(Also, at this stage, my definition of “put away” is pretty loose. On a shelf or on a hanger with 15 other things = “put away” – This is not a time to get bogged down in details, peeps.)

My shoes? Totally in a pile in the closet, but they are IN THE CLOSET! #MoralVictory!

Next up is the bedding.

How about you? What’s your laundry situation looking like today?

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I actually love doing laundry for the first time in my life because I hang it out on the line to dry. I find hanging the laundry out on a beautiful sunny day extraordinarily relaxing. Who knew?

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