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Survival Mode

It's You I'll Find, Like A Ghost In My MindSo I’ve realized that I’ve been in survival mode since Thanksgiving time. I’ve been battered by germs and sick and cruddy. I’ve done some projects around the homestead but now I’m left with an exploded home and I have to start doing something about it. At least I want to know that on the days I have some energy left over when I walk in the door what I’m going to do with that energy.

Tell me. If you were starting from scratch with homekeeping, where would you start?

(photo by Lotus Carroll, click photo for original)

2 replies on “Survival Mode”

Start with what you can see. Pick a room and tidy it up. Once you’ve done that through the whole house, then pick a room and go a bit deeper in the cleaning/organizing. Why can’t I just be right there to coach you through this? 🙂

I start with the public areas of the house. Mainly the front living room since it’s what people first see when they come to my house. I move on to the dining room because it’s easiest and at that point I need a small victory. I then move on to the kitchen. ewww.

Sometimes I just go around the house and start throwing things in to a garbage bag (one for donating and one for throwing away) and just douche it all and start over…

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