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Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Knobs . . . Pulls . . . Hardware . . .

With the plan for white cabinets pretty set in my brain, I started thinking about knobs. First I was going to go with black, but then I decided that was starker (more stark?) than what I really wanted.

I looked at a small washstand I have with some glass knobs on it and luffed it. A white and yellow kitchen filled with sparkly glass? Yes please!

This whole house project is about balance – buy from the little guy instead of the big box . . . when it is reasonable – reuse old instead of buying new . . . when it is practical

Sure, I’d love to go all vintage indie on my kitchen – but it is hard when one small vendor has old knobs for 6 dollars each before shipping and the big box store has new and shiny for 3.50 each. (Multiplied times 46 . . . then factor shipping. Pass me a drink.)

I searched Etsy for glass knob and got good results. A search for glass pull got me a lot of zipper jewelry and cell phone charms. Cabinet glass was another fun search, except it pulled up a lot of sets of magnets. Then I realized I was only searching “Handmade” instead of “All Items”, so I went back and searched again. I tried glass hardware but didn’t get any new results.

I marked anything that caught my eye as a favorite (have to be logged in to your Etsy account to do this) so I could go back and delete

  • anything over 10 dollars per knob (including shipping).
  • anything without hardware (because there were plenty of options with the screw and bolt included).
  • anything smaller than 1 1/4″.

My best options – and a few just freaking cool thoughts