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New Cabinets from Old Cabinets

I think I can manage to redo the cabinets with some paint, spackle and patience.

And saws.

Like cutting out the fronts of these doors

Then I saw this in Better Homes and Gardens

(click through for source and more info)

Which made me think I would try taking a door or two off and seeing how that looks for some more variety.

Opinions – of the numbered doors, which would you leave off? Or would you do something I didn’t think of?

One reply on “New Cabinets from Old Cabinets”

Personally, I LOVE the “open shelves” for dishes. It makes things more flow-ey. Ashley has those in her house and I just love them. Her dishes aren’t the BEST THING EVER but they still look amazing in a tiny shelved space. I say go for it. I’d totally do it, too. If I had the balls.

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