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Yesterday I showed you the before photos of the kitchen.

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I know my first step will be painting the walls and the cabinets.

I’ve been devoted to Sherwin-Williams paint for years. The only paint I’ve ever liked

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better was Pratt and Lambert Red Seal. Call me a paint snob, I can take it. I’m going with Sherwin-Williams because there is a local store and the closest Pratt and Lambert is 40 miles. I played with the color visualizer and got the general plan for the paint.

My mom has always loved yellow kitchens, so I know where my yellow kitchen attachment came from. She goes for brighter yellows, I’m a Hubbard Squash girl.

examples of Hubbard Squash “in action”

I used the Sherwin-Williams low VOC paint when I painted my last kitchen. I thought it worked just as well as conventional smelly paint, and since Alex was right next to me as I was painting, I felt better about not having the tiny baby huff paint at the tender age of 12 weeks.

I thought about doing a softer white cabinet, but for now I’m just going to go the ultra bright white and then see if I want to glaze them or not.

Painting the cabinets will be a bitch, I know, but totally worth it. HGTV has a couple of tutorials on painting kitchen cabinets. I’m hoping I don’t lose my mind.